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Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Oh Sh*t !!! Your girl went to Atlanta. This wasn't my typical trip being stuck in the house. I actually ate out, stayed out and check out a few spots.I also learned one important lesson... Can't force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. Enjoy the moments you get with the people who want to make memories with you. Those are the most priceless moments.

Day one.

I spent most of my day fantasizing about Buck the hot fireman for 9-1-1. I watched almost the whole season. After my TV binge the family and I went to Gabinos Mexican Grill in Stockbridge Ga. The staff was absolutely friendly and the food was nothing short of amazing. I enjoyed the drink the most. (Margaritas)

Day two.

I texted a friend to see what they was up to. They told me they was going to the mall and I asked to tag along. A girl need it some retail therapy after the morning she was having. I picked up a few items to clear my head and make me feel better. After the shopping adventure we went to check into the room. We stayed at Drudy Inn in Morrow Ga. After checking into the room we went to grab a bite to eat and some drink from TGIF. The food was BOMB but the drinks were horrible. Wayyy to fruity. Once we was finished eating we met with my family at Pin Strike for some arcade fun. Pin strike was definitely a fun and memorable place.

Final Day:

Woke up about 7am to go have some of the best cheese grits. The hotel supplied breakfast. Definitely a plus when booking a room. Later that day the hotel also had social hour where they served more food and drinks. Can't complain about the stay the hotel staff was very friendly and the hotel was clean. Can't leave GA without going to Marble Slab and American Deli. Marble Slab is the best ice cream invented. American Deli has some of the best wings in the south. I normally dislike chicken but I will eat some American Deli.

Anyways make time for those who make time for you. Never miss a beat because someone wasn't willing to meet you halfway. Travel. Explore the city. Meet new people. Try new things. You never know what the world has to offer being trap in the dull room with no photos.


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